One of the main objectives of SWEA is to disseminate knowledge of Swedish culture around the world through our worldwide network of members. This endeavor is greatly enhanced by our scholarship recipients. They are young researchers who have chosen to study the Swedish language and Swedish literature for their doctoral dissertations. They also translate Swedish literature, teach Swedish and encourage others to take an interest in our culture.

(The first three recipients did not concentrate on Swedish language, literature and linguistics, this requirement was instituted in 1988.)

1983 Cindy Anderson Continued studies about the woman's role in the modern Swedish society
1984 Lillian Elliot Swedish textiles and art in public spaces
1986 Hank Murta Adamas Continued studies in glass art
1988 Carol Huebscher Rhoades University of Texas, Austin, TX Routes of Power: Woman's Journey in the Novels of George Eliot and Fredrika Bremer (1993)
1989 Lori Ann Ingalsbe UCLA, Los Angeles, CA Germanic Languages and Literature. A comparison between the poetry of Ola Hanson and Stella Kleve (1992)
1990 Kathy Anstine Yale University, New Haven, CT The Changing Image of the Finn in Finnish-Swedish Literature
1991 Massimo Ciravolo Milano, Italy The influence of Hjalmar Söderberg on younger authors in Scandinavia.
1992 Bridget Morris The University of Hull, England St. Birgitta, a biography
1993 Valerie Laugier University of Texas, Austin, TX The authorship of Ulla Isaksson
1994  Wolfgang Behschnitt Freiburg, Germany The Construction of the Image of the Self in the Autobiographical Writing of August Strindberg.
1995 Alexander Zeltuchin St. Petersburg, Russia Orthographic Codes and Code-Switching - A study in 16th century Swedish orthography (1996)
1996 Anna Helm Kurz Georgetown University, Washington, DC The Intersection of Economics and Aesthetics in Literary Texts.
1997 Susan Lee Holmberg University of Washington, Seattle, WA The Narrative of Health Care Reform: The Swedish and American Newspaper Coverage of Value Strain.
1998 Norbert Götz Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany A comparative analysis of the nazi community and the Swedish democracy in the 1930's.
Marie Cronqvist University of Lund, Sweden First winner of the SWEA Intercultural Scholarship for her work on Pictures of the United States in Sweden during the Cold War.
1999 Elizabeth de Noma, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, U.S.A. Remaking Gender on Film:Selma Lagerlöf filmed in the 1940s.
Gabriella Elgenius University of Gothenburg, Sweden and London School of Economics and Political Science Intercultural Scholarship: Symbols and Rituals of National Integration in Europe.
2000 Patrick Domann
Karin Atthoff
2001 Ewa Data Bukowska
  Åsa Arping
2002 Sofie Persson
  Silvia Muller
2003 Helena Kåberg
  Monika Jazowy-Jarmul
2004 Lucy Creagh
  Marta Reuter
  Susanna Andersson
2005 Karin Söderholm Lindelöf
  Lena Norrman
  Sebastian Michanek


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