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Worldwide Friendship

- a Benefit of Membership in SWEA

SWEA, the global network for Swedish- speaking women who live, or have lived abroad, is a unique organization.

SWEA is both a meeting place and a network with links all over the world, which makes life abroad easier. SWEA offers support to Swedish families when moving abroad or between countries, and assists when they return to Sweden.

SWEA encourages personal and professional contacts and functions as a network for members worldwide. Today we have over 8000 members in 77 chapters in 33 countries on five continents.

Events, including the Christmas Fairs not only allow SWEA members to introduce Swedish culture but also make our traditions known throughout the world. These events provide great public relations for Sweden and is achieved by the efforts of the members and local sponsors.

SWEA’s varied activities is a part of Sweden’s face abroad and strengthens the ties to other countries. The importance of SWEA for the Swedish industry and its work abroad is continually growing. SWEA is cooperating with, among others, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

SWEA International, the hub of the organization, selects a "Swedish Woman of the Year". Past recipients include Queen Silvia of Sweden in recognition of her accomplishments within the World Childhood Foundation, and Maria Nyström Reuterswärd for her work with the American NASA. Two scholarships at the doctoral level are granted each year, one for studies in Swedish Language, Literature and Area Studies, and the other in Intercultural Relations. The awards are presented at the annual summer dinner in Sweden, attended by members from all corners of the world.

Many local chapters award their own scholarships and support projects with Swedish connections, such as Swedish language classes, Swedish churches, museums, as well as exhibits or performances of Swedish artists.

SWEA members have many occasions to travel – every autumn the seven regions have popular meetings, and every other year members are encouraged to attend an international congress, held in a different exciting location each year. All meetings offer seminars, excursions and programs, arranged by the hosting chapter.

Each chapter has its own newsletter and nearly all have a web page, which can be accessed through www.swea.org. SWEA International’s magazine is published twice a year, and is distributed to all members, as well as several companies, universities, and embassies.

Local chapters organize various programs, such as lectures, field trips, and gatherings. Newcomers are well introduced and often special morning meetings are arranged for member mothers with small children. Book clubs, Christmas fairs, Lucia- and midsummer celebrations etc. strengthens the network and the Swedish traditions.

SWEA members who contributed to services for the organization receive a certificate of service.

For the women who return to Sweden there are six chapters welcoming them with advice. Some find the move back home after many years abroad somewhat difficult and it can be very helpful to meet others who have gone through the same process.

Through SWEA, a life-, accident-, and medical insurance is offered to all members and their families.

SWEA Bed & Breakfast is a popular service between members. It demonstrates the broad and strong network this organization provides.

At the 750th anniversary of the City of Stockholm in June 2002, SWEA presented a life size "Dala Horse" to the City at an official ceremony at the City Hall.

Siv Svensson, London, took office as the SWEA International President on January 1, 2005.

Agneta Nilsson, "Swede of the Year 1995" founded the organization in Los Angeles in 1979 and has been awarded a royal medal for her accomplishments.

SWEA received the "Positive Sweden Prize" for "exceptional work in strengthening the image of Sweden abroad".

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