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$95,500 - SWEA's donations during 1998
(Excerpt from SWEAs Anniversary Issue)

SWEA International and the individual chapters donated and pledged over SEK787,500 ($95,500) in 1998

SWEA International annually awards two scholarships, totaling $10,000 per year, and we have had some very interesting recipients during the years. In addition, many of the local chapters around the world donate considerable sums to scholarships within the purposes of the articles of incorporation of 1979: "... to raise funds to be used for scholarships for students and other qualified persons to attend educational institutions in Sweden . . . "

In 1998 the local chapters donated $19,210 toward scholarships. Orange County, for example, sent three students to Lund University, each with $1,500 in SWEA funds to help them meet the financial needs during their year abroad.

Many chapters support schools in their own communities, contributing $10,418 in 1998. The Swedish Schools receive strong support. South Florida donates $800 to Svenska Skolan and $500 to the Swedish Nursery School/Playgroup for younger children. SWEA Vietnam donated $500 to the local Swedish School.

The Church is also a frequent recipient of funds. The Chapters donated $9,287 last year to various Scandinavian churches. Homes for the elderly also get donations, $6,090. At special occasions a chapter may decide to give a larger than normal donation, SWEA Boston pledged $10,000 to the former Swedish Home for the Aged which is now turning into a combined retirement home and cultural center. SWEA New Jersey donated $4,690 to a similar home in 1998.

Our New Jersey chapter supports both the New Sweden Farmstead Museum and the restoration of paintings at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. SWEA San Diego has pledged $5,000 to a renovation project at the House of Sweden in 1999 and also gave a donation to the Confidencen Opera Theater in Sweden. Our SWEA members in Belgium donated to a choir and SWEA Marbella supported "Colegio Sueco Musikal."

The donations show a variety of interests, for example, both San Francisco and Toronto donate money to the folk dancers in their areas. Toronto also donated more than $600 to an exhibition of children's books, and New York to a Marionette Theater at the Swedish Cottage in Central Park.


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